Monday, August 17, 2015

Lee Dong Gun And T-ara’s Park Ji Yeon

Will Lee Dong Gun Take T-ara’s Park Ji Yeon As His Leading Lady?

Actor Lee Dong Gun is considering a role in the upcoming Korean-Chinese film tentatively titled "Encounter." Lee Dong Gun's agency, FNC Entertainment, said that the actor is still negotiating the details.

park ji yeon and lee dong gun

park ji yeon and lee dong gun

"There are still things that we need to figure out but the discussion is proceeding positively," said the FNC representative.
Lee's representatives will have to negotiate quickly as the film is already in production. T-ara's Park Ji Yeon was cast as the female lead. And according to her agency MBK Entertainment, she already traveled to China to start work on the film.
Lee Dong Gun may be weighing his options carefully, as his last drama "Super Daddy Yeol," was not considered a ratings winner. In that drama he played a grumpy coach who winds up raising someone else's child, thereby becoming a "super daddy." Two years before that he appeared in "Future's Choice," also known as "Marry Him If You Dare." The time-travel drama was meant to be his comeback role, after he took a year off from appearing on the small screen. But "Future's Choice," which co-stars usually bankable actors Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa, did not fare well either, with ratings averaging 6.2 percent. In "Future's Choice" he played a prickly but principled news anchor.
If Lee Dong Gun does take the role in "Encounter," it will be his first film role in eight years. He has not appeared in a film since "Love Now."
The actor previously charmed audiences in the dramas "Ruler of Your Own World" and "Lovers In Paris." He also appeared in the 2005 film "My Boyfriend Is Type B," which made him a popular star.
T-ara singer Park Ji Yeon has appeared in a dozen dramas, working her way up from cameo appearances in the 2007 drama "Hello Miss" to her most recent appearance as Kim Jae Joong's energetic sidekick in the drama "Triangle."
"Encounter" is the story of a romance on a cruise ship traveling between Barcelona and the Indian Ocean. The film is set to premiere in China in October. The Indian Ocean will serve as the backdrop for the romantic story.
Lee Dong Gun and Park Ji Yeon do make an attractive couple. Will you watch this film?

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