Thursday, August 13, 2015

One Direction Fans Accuse T-ARA Fans

One Direction Fans Accuse T-ARA Fans Of Cheating In Billboard's 'Fan Army Face Off'

Directioners are accusing QUEENs of cheating to get T-ARA more votes, as T-ARA pulls ahead of One Direction in the semifinals stage of Billboard's 'Fan Army Face-Off' competition.
Some One Direction fans have even gone as far as writing to Billboard, alleging that T-ARA fans are using automated programs and hacking methods in order to register more votes.

One Direction vs. T-ARA

One Direction vs. T-ARA

As of this posting, T-ARA has more than 1.5 million votes compared to the roughly 1 million votes of One Direction
"I regret to inform you that your 'Fan Army Face-Off' was hacked and auto voting for #queens was placed. The fandom queens tweeted about having hacked Billboard by using autobots to vote," began a letter from a One Direction fan.
In defense, T-ARA fans have insisted that the girl group simply has a large and very active fan base and that One Direction fans simply cannot accept how large K-Pop has grown internationally.
Billboard has pitted K-Pop fans against each other, as well as fans of other artists since July in order to determine which fandom army is the "strongest."
The winner of the One Direction vs. T-ARA semifinals match will face-off against the fans of either Beyonce or 5 Seconds of Summer.

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