Monday, August 10, 2015

Bambino So Famous in Virtual Worlds

Bambino So Famous in Virtual Worlds !How did they do that?

Eunsol (Bambino)
Eunsol (Bambino)

Bambino name be one of the most crowded discussed netizens. Apparently, a group of newcomers in the realm of K-Pop is a big controversy because of the sexiness of the dance that they act.
Bambino was not the first girl group to demonstrate sexy dance. So, what makes the Bambino was a sensation in cyberspace?
Bambino is so sexy
Bambino is so sexy
The first, you must know if the Bambino is not girl group, but K-Pop dance group. Their names so sensual sensation thanks to the appearance that they bring in high school festival in South Korea a few days ago. They are also much condemned by netizens.
Bambino is considered a bad influence for teenagers Korea due to the sexy appearance. May seem somewhat lebay, but you will be advised if they have watched the video section.
bambino band
Girlband Hadam, Dahee, Eunsol and Minhee have released their debut single, Oppa Oppa on June 23 last. Of course, with the sexy moves is not surprising that various comments spicy scattered
Some people consider the act of the Bambino and the agency is deliberately to create a sensation for the sake of their popularity. Is it true? Consider first the following Bambino sensual dance.