Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bambino - Oppa Oppa K-pop

Bambino - Oppa Oppa K-pop with a clip 360 degrees


There are some weeks I was doing you discover a South Korean extraordinarily sexy dancers called Eunsol that wreaks havoc on the social networks with its lascivious dances.

Bambino Eunsol

Bambino Eunsol

Now you should know that it is part of a troop of South Korean dance that is called Bambino, this troupe used to make local dance performances in various events, but soon the dance moves rather the dancer Eunsol were scurrying around the Internet.

It was enough for a Korean music producer feels good deal and seize the opportunity to transform the dance troupe in k-pop girl group. Also be aware that the k-pop groups are often not "organic" but rather "manufactured" by producers who invest a lot of money on Korean pop music groups, as explained so well the documentary 9 Muses Star of Empire tells the story of the girl group 9 Muses. That said, it is not surprising that a dance troupe is suddenly transformed into a music group, a bit like magic.

Now Bambino Eunsol and who have known you with the ticket "Eunsol Korean dance group Bambino ignites the web" just released a first single is called "Oppa Oppa" and the song is like almost all the singles k-pop, very good. But mostly I think Bambino comes just revolutionizing dance / choreography practice video, while the group unveiled an interactive video 360 degrees in two versions or you can choose to look at the top or bottom of the body Korean singers beautiful dancers.
Here are two videos in question, you can use the up arrows to the left of the screen to move the camera. You can also use your smartphone and move your screen and so

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