Friday, August 14, 2015

The Top 10 Asia’s Sexiest Female DJs of 2015

Back by popular demand, the Asian Sexiest Female DJ list this year are getting hotter than ever. This year Asian female DJs selection are based on their popularity, gigs, appeal and DJ showmanship. From cute Korean to sexy Malaysian model, we have selected 10 new hottest DJs, but don’t be surprise as you’ll sees a few familiar hot celebrity DJs from last year’s selection in 2015 list. They’re play open format, spins good electronic music, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop music, EDM and got the crowd gone wild and we totally agreed, they are too hot & sexy to be in this list.

10. Arra Pascual, Philippines

10. Arra Pascual, Philippines

Arra Pascual is a DJ from The Philippines. From Big Room to Hip Hop, Progressive to Trap, Top 40’s commercial to old school Arra plays a variety of genres wherein she incorporates these sounds to her sets. She is the official Brand Ambassador of Pioneer DJ and a Playboy model in Philippines. She trained her way up to play in every top clubs in the Philippines and also spinned at neighouring countries in South East Asia. Facebook –

9. DJ Bombshell, Taiwan

DJ Bombshell, Taiwan

Model DJ Bombshell aka Amy Kao, is popular in Taiwan clubbing scene and successful made her name known across South East Asia. She was also Taiwan’s sexiest FHM girl. Facebook –

8. DJ Vida, Thailand

DJ Vida, Thailand

DJ Vida from Thailand love music since she was young and spins good House music, Tech House, R&B and Hip Hop. She was selected the Asian Sexiest DJ of 2014. Facebook –

7. Tenashar, Singapore

Tenashar, Singapore

Hot and sexy as ever, DJ Tenashar took the lucky number 7, maintaining #7 spot of the Hottest Asian DJ 2015. Facebook –

6. DJ Alexis G, Malaysia

DJ Alexis G, Malaysia

The new girl in the list! DJ Alexis G hailing from Malaysia, took the #6 spot this year. Alexis G spins House to Melbourne Bounce to hard-hitting EDM. She travel around for gigs to Melbourne, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Singapore. Facebook –

5. King Lady, Vietnam

King Lady, Vietnam

Our first featuring of Vietnamese female DJ, King Lady from Ho Chi Minh City is selected #5 hottest Asian DJ. King Lady continue to pursuit her dream to become the top female DJ in Vietnam. Facebook –

4. DJ Yoko, Japan

DJ Yoko, Japan

NSFW! Making it up to #4 placing from last year hottest Asian DJ list, DJ Yoko is stunning! She was also one of the member in Katsuyaku Girls, an all girls DJ team, currently under management of Active HK by founder Yami Mak from Hong Kong. Facebook –

3. DJ Zara Gift, Thailand

DJ Zara Gift, Thailand

The #3 spot of 2015 Asia’s Hottest Female DJ goes to DJ Zara Gift from Thailand. She is stunning with her very own style and appearance. She spin from Hip House to banging Electro House. Facebook –

2. DJ Soda, Korea

DJ Soda, Korea

DJ Soda from Korea! Can’t denied anymore, she is the #2 Asia’s Hottest Female DJ of 2015. DJ Soda shot to fame after her cute dance video went viral and became so popular after that. She has her own style, stage showmanship and the only one female DJ to came up with sexy dance moves while performing behind the DJ decks.

1. DJ Leng Yein, Malaysia

DJ Leng Yein, Malaysia

Well known as the sexiest car queen model of Asia and #1 hottest female DJ of 2015. DJ Leng Yein is a popular celebrity model DJ from Malaysia. She loves music since she was at young age, she play piano and other musical instruments and in 2013 she interested to explore the DJ world. She took up DJ classes from the finest mentor in Malaysia, practices hard and made it up to the top with her outstanding DJ skills. Facebook –

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