Thursday, August 27, 2015

T-ara Jiyeon Film Production to star in Korea and China, 'Reunion'

park jiyeon t-ara

Park Jiyeon T-ara

T-ara Jiyeon recently rumored to be taking a role in a film produced by Korea and China, entitled 'Reunion' (title still remains).
This film is the second film
Jiyeon T-ara where previously he had shown her acting in the Korean film 'Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp' which was produced by Kim Kwang-Soo, Hong Jung-pyo and Park Sun-Young and released in mid-2010.
In the film this time, as the meaning of the movie title 'Meeting',
Jiyeon who get the main character will take on a role that is much different from the previous films that picked up the story creepy.
MBK Entertainment,
T-ara's agency has also confirmed the major role that is received by Jiyeon. "He will fly to China to shoot."
Jiyeon, the film produced by Korea and China have also confirmed the name of the actor Lee Donggun for acting with Jiyeon in the film.
Look forward to further news regarding new sheet acting career
Jiyeon T-ara in the film 'Reunion'.

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