Sunday, April 10, 2016

Eunsol ! Sexiest Korean Girl with Bambino Dance Group

 Eunsol ! Sexiest Korean Girl

Korean wave endemic in many parts of the world. South Korean idol group prevalent in the realm of entertainment. Not only vocal group, but also to the group dance.
Dance group designation is quite unique. If normally an idol group will sing on stage, dance group will demonstrate their skill in dancing. One of them, Bambino.

 Eunsol ! Sexiest Korean Girl

 Eunsol ! Sexiest Korean Girl

Bambino, with one of its personnel named Eunsol trying to participate actively in the world of entertainment. Uniquely, Bambino show skill above mentioned standards in dancing.

In addition, the Bambino also broke the rules by using the show underwear dancing. By wrapping the dress or short dress, on the thigh, when Bambino doing choreography then her underwear was visible.
In addition, the Bambino also happy wearing hot pants in action on stage. With a sexy image, Bambino is expected to attract the attention of fans.

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